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Yearbook To-Do List

Select Theme- choose the design style that you would like to use for your league Create a project timeline plan you will receive a template from League Prints. Request volunteers to submit photos for each team Organize the photos on Dropbox Submit the content to League Prints on custom project, or upload it to your…
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Photo Dimensions

What is DPI for photos? Photos are preferred at 300 DPI (Dots per inch). Cropping - please do not crop photos.  They can be cropped in the document, and, with yearbooks, you never know what will be helpful to fill space, so it is better to leave the photo uncropped. Format - please submit photos…
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Ad Dimensions

Eighth Page (business card) - 3.7 in wide X 2.4 in tall Quarter Page - 3.7 in wide X 4.9 in tall Half Page - 7.5 in wide X 4.9 in tall Full Page (no bleed) - 7.5 in wide X 10 in tall Full Page (with bleed) - 8.75 in wide X 11.25 in…
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Yearbook Page Dimensions

What are the page dimensions? Books are delivered at 8.5 inches wide X 11 inches tall.  There are two more sets of dimensions that help to understand how designers look at an 8.5 X 11 inch booklet. Bleed - this refers to design that goes all the way to the edge of a page, without…
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