Yearbook Page Dimensions

What are the page dimensions?

Books are delivered at 8.5 inches wide X 11 inches tall.  There are two more sets of dimensions that help to understand how designers look at an 8.5 X 11 inch booklet.

  1. Bleed - this refers to design that goes all the way to the edge of a page, without a border.  League Prints standard books feature a cover that bleeds.  The dimensions for a cover are 8.5 inches  wide x 11 inches tall, after cut. The design should be 8.75 inches wide x 11.25 inches tall, so they can be cut down to the 8.5x11 size.
  1. Standard Pages - League Prints standard page is designed with a ½ inch border.  That means that the design space is actually 7.5 inches X 10 inches.

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