Cover: Example of a Well Designed Cover

A well designed yearbook cover is very important for the success of your yearbook project.  The cover is color.  The cover is the first thing that people see when they look at the yearbook.

Suggested Cover Elements:

  1. League logo and colors
  2. League colors
  3. 1-8 central images to feature on the cover

Volunteers face several challenges when they decide on a yearbook cover.  

What do I put on the cover?

The most common challenge is selecting what to put on the front cover.  First, consider adding a variety of photos on the front cover.  How many divisions are in your league?  Perhaps, select a photo from each division level.

How do I select the photos for the cover?

Once you have decided what to put on the cover, then comes selecting the photos.  We recommend that you select photos with variety.  Different colors, different ages.  Different genders if that is applicable.

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