Youth Sports Yearbook and Media Guide Benefits

Benefits of a yearbook project

Youth sports yearbook projects give youth and amateur leagues a vehicle to raise money and commemorate their season. The benefits of a yearbook are 1) delighting your players and families, which builds community and revenue opportunity and 2) generating ROI for the project.

ROI 1: Yearbooks delight players and families

Kids love seeing their friends and them in print in youth sports yearbook projects. Watch any closing day ceremony. Observe the kids when they receive yearbooks.  They are thrilled. They are excited. There is something magical for players when they see their friends in action and their name on a printed piece.  

Youth sports yearbooks make word of mouth marketing happen also. Kids talk about what they see in the youth sports yearbook.  They love the action shots. They love the rosters - it’s official. And the book sits in the living room, on the coffee table for years. The funds you invest into your yearbook project buys that place in the hearts of kids and the space they take up in a family’s living room.  Your league is remembered fondly for a long time. That’s a good ROI, from the standpoint of community building and engagement.  You have delivered nostalgia. 

ROI 2: Yearbooks are profitable

The financial end of ROI is return on investment measuring dollars. If you put in $1, how many dollars do you get back? Many leagues measure the success of the program in a way.  The financial ROI is solid on yearbooks as well, if that is what you are looking to accomplish.

There are two ways to monetize a yearbook, generating financial ROI.  The first way is to sell sponsorship advertising in the book.  Selling ads in your yearbook can help create an additional revenue stream, pay for the yearbook and ultimately generate profit on the project.

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