Selecting Your Yearbook Design Theme

Design (Theme Selection)

Youth sports yearbook projects are delightful for families and players in the league.  For volunteers, the project is a lot of work and a lot of pressure to make sure things look nice when the book is delivered. No volunteer wants to put out an amateur book, despite the fact that most (if not all) of the content that the league provides is amateur quality.

League Prints makes it so volunteers look good and have less work on a yearbook project. Our design themes help amateur content look professional when it is printed in a book.

The primary reason things look professional in League Prints books is because of our design template library.

League Prints Theme Categories

How to Customize Your League Prints Theme

League Prints designers can match the theme colors to your league. Don’t worry about selecting a theme that does not match your colors. We can match the colors during the design phase of the project.

Select the theme based on the style elements and layouts that you like. The style elements are the most important part of the theme to consider. There are many options for elements. These are the unique lines and designs that house the photos and text on the example pages. The layout refers to how photos are positioned on the pages. Frankly, there is not a lot of difference in layout between themes.  The design elements are more important.

Select your theme based on the activity below. Simply click through to the page, enter your contact information and select the theme number that you like. If you are providing your own design, then please select that option.

League Prints Theme Categories

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