Collage Page – What Makes a Well Designed Page

Does anybody read yearbook articles?  Well, ask the kids.  After all, they are the target audience.

Let us sum it up for you.  Photos make up the yearbook!  Kids would love a yearbook that was chalked full of photos.  It’s almost like they would look more closely if it was more difficult to find themselves.

However, yearbook organizers like to organize the content - which is understandable.

Given that fact, here are the traits that make collage pages great.

Suggested Collage Page Elements

  1. Headline - what age group does the collage feature?
  2. No more than 8 photos on a page - the more you have, the smaller the photos get.
  3. Limit page style - don’t overdo the design elements.  The point of the page is about featuring the photos.
  4. crop to fit space - don’t crop the photos until you know what
  5. open space is a waste

Here are some examples of collage pages that customers have submitted over the years.

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