Turn Around Time For Your Project

Timeline for Your Youth Sports Yearbook Project

League Prints typically requires 2.5 weeks to deliver the project, once we have all content in our possession.


The first week it set aside for design production. The second week is reserved for print production and mailing (shipping). It is possible for league Prints to provide a quicker turnaround under special circumstances. This service typically includes a 15-20% rush charge.

Click here to complete the league Prints timeline interview, which establishes your project on our schedule and it also delivers milestones for you to plan your project.

(5) Milestones to Complete Your Yearbook Project on Time:

  • Timeline interview (project plan) for your yearbook: this establishes the project and milestones
  • Theme selection (design) for your yearbook: this establishes the high level design style of your project.
  • Page Layout Document for Your Yearbook: this establishes what content will go on which page.
  • Upload Content for Your Yearbook: this sends content to League Prints designs (or staff) in an organized way that helps expedite and organize the design process.
  • Proofing Your Yearbook: This gives users a chance to add comments to the League Prints PDF proof in Dropbox. We can easily track client requests by page in this process.

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