Getting Volunteers Involved and Communication Templates

Volunteers play a very important role in League Prints projects. League Prints prides itself on supporting volunteers in a way that reduces the workload for volunteers, while simultaneously creating project designs that look professional.

There are several volunteer types that commonly interact with our designers. Of course volunteer types vary based on what type of organization you are working with.

Youth / Amateur Sports League Contact Types

Are you in any of the positions below? If so, League Prints is ready to make life easier for you. We have compiled templates that can be customized and used in your communication to get your project completed successfully.

  • Yearbook coordinator: typically interacts with League Prints directly, helps collect content and ultimately makes change requests prior to approving for print.
  • Sponsor Coordinator: typically interacts with sponsors and helps with ad sales and/or getting copy from community partners.
  • Volunteer Director: typically communicates with team parents and helps solicit photos and other content from teams to include in the yearbook project.
  • Team Parent Volunteer: typically is assigned to one team and can help ask parents for photo contributions for inclusion in the yearbook.

Click here to download email templates that are useful for managing League Prints projects.

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