Yearbooks & Media Guides

Simple Sports Yearbooks & Media Guides


League Prints publishes, prints and designs yearbooks & media guides on behalf of youth leagues and teams throughout the US. No project is too small. We make the project painless for volunteers!

How to Start Project: Overview

  1. Get Quote: Instant, Manual
  2. Set Timeline
  3. Select Design: Baseball, Softball, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Lacrosse
  4. Create Page Layout Document
  5. Submit Content


Why Yearbooks?

For Kids

  • Fun Photos
  • Information about your team
  • Information about your friends

Volunteers/Team Coordinators

  • Super, ready-made designs
  • Custom project documents to streamline the process
  • Dedicated project support staff

Project Tips

Visit our blog for fantastic project tips, order forms and more.

If you would like to speak with somebody about a potential project, please call: 866.885.2860. If you would like an immediate quote, please complete the form HERE.