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Plan Your Youth Sports Yearbook in 4 Steps

how-to-build-youth-sports-yearbooksSo you’re the yearbook volunteer.  You’ve been handed the illustrious task of planning your child’s youth sports yearbook.  No big deal – it’s only the single memory that passes in front of all eyeballs associated with your league, and hence, the reputation of your family!!!

With so much that could go wrong, (ie misspellings, errors and omissions, etc), it’s best to implement KISS methodology.  You know – Keep It Simple Stupid. Continue reading

How Does a Folder Structure Help Your Youth Sports Yearbook Planning?

folder-structureGreetings, Volunteer!  A folder structure is how you store content, related to your yearbook project.  Each folder represents a page in your project.  Store all content related to the page in its folder!  For example, if you want (1) team, featuring a  team photo, two action shots, and the roster on page 44, then copy the team roster file and the three photos into your folder labeled 44. Continue reading

What is a Page Layout Document and What Does it Have to Do With Your Youth Sports Yearbook Project?

Hi Volunteer!  A page layout document will reduce the amount of time and effort that you will put into your yearbook project by days if not weeks! By going through the exercise of creating a page layout document, you are effectively ruling out any question of priorities.  What you put down on the page layout document, is what you will track down from your community, and ultimately put in the book. Continue reading